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Book a sailing or research expedition
Or both.

Research expeditions


Hrimfare has been converted into a research vessel and communication think tank, running on renewable energy. Now being updated with new scientific sensors, sampling equipment, and laboratory facilities onboard, to serve as a mother ship for the project "Sailing4Science" with partner assignments during the UN Ocean Decade roll-out during 2024-2030.

Book Hrimfare for your research expedition

You can rent Hrimfare with a crew (2) for your specific research expedition, with your specific instruments and equipment, and for a group of guests up to 10 people.

Book as a scientist – join our research expeditions

You can book and join us on our research expeditions depending on the availability onboard. Bring your research equipment or plan it well in advance and book/rent the equipment/instruments needed via us. 


Sailing expeditions


Hrimfare – an iconic 67’ yacht from the Global Challenge westward circumnavigation race heritage sailing "the wrong way" against prevailing winds and current. That means she was built in solid steel to be tough. The yacht class is entitled to a reputation as the safest yachts ever raced the oceans. Today's Hrimfare started off as "Hofbrau" in the race 1992/93 and came 3rd and as "Toshiba" in the race 1996/97 and came second. After that, she has sailed twice around the world. You are now welcome to sail this iconic racer, now extensively up-cycled to a modern research vessel together with us...and on new endeavors and expeditions.

  • Adventurous sailing expeditions

  • Nature and wildlife expeditions

  • Photographic and film making projects

  • Ski-Yachting expeditions in Northern Norway

  • Arctic and high latitude climbing expeditions

Book Hrimfare for your sailing expedition

You can rent Hrimfare with a crew (2) for a sailing expedition for a group up to of 10 people.

Book as a "joining crew" on our sailing expeditions

You can book as a crew member depending on the availability onboard. 


Workshops onboard and on land

We carry advanced showcase equipment and materials onboard for pop-up educational sessions, workshops, and seminars on the docks. All are accessible to a local audience where we stop – children, teens, schools, business community members, influencers, and politicians. Our workshops are based on comprehensive studies, insights, and experiences from life on, in and around our coastlines. 

Think Tanks and Team-building

We are scientists and sailors and invite groups of up to 10 people to hop onboard and participate in unique living lab and think tank experiences. We provide safe, comfortable, private and well-established facilities onboard Hrimfare and suitable locations at our stop-overs. Informal and friendly team building experiences for management teams, board members, developing teams, or just a bunch of friends or colleagues searching for a unique experience with a built-in purpose.

Joining crew


Hrimfare has room for 12 people onboard overnight and when voyages and expeditions are settled we offer empty positions to crew members with a cost cover package. Look into our calendar or subscribe to our Hrimfare Expedition newsletter in order to see the available positions and stretches.


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