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67 foot, 38 tons
12 bunk beds
and one big

Hrimfare – the yacht

SY Hrimfare is on the verge of being launched again after years of extensive renovation – stripped into every corner and behind every beam, sanded down, repaired, re-painted, re-polished and re-furbished. We are now taking the last steps to continuously up-cycle her into a modern sailing research vessel.

Images of Hrimfare from sailing expeditions 2016-2018 – the voyage from England to Sweden and along the Swedish West Coast. New images will be added in 2024.

The re-launch is planned to take place in spring 2024. But this year we are still celebrating her 30th anniversary, as it was exactly 30 years since she passed the finish line after her first Global Challenge Race. Almost 30,000 nautical miles around the planet, in the wrong direction. Since then she participated three times in the competition that earned the title "the world's toughest race". Read more about her story here.

We will continue to care for her iconic heritage with respect and take her out to new adventures. We will keep her sailing, in all directions, with renewable energy and with a higher environmental purpose. You are invited to join our expeditions. See our offers here.

Mission: Sailing for science


Hrimfare is the "Mother Ship" of Sailing4Science – the "sailing citizen-science network" around the world. Based on large-scale research assignments in collaboration with local research assignments and local fleets of sailors.


The Sailing4Science project will be the framework for activities on land as the expedition stops in cities, marinas, and islands in the coming expeditions during 2024-2030.

Facts and figures

The Challenge 67 is a steel-hulled yacht. It is 67 ft (20 m) from bow to stern, and this is where it gets its name. There were 14 of these yachts built, for the purpose of racing in the BT Global Challenge. The yachts were designed by David Thomas and Thanos Condylis, and built by Devonport Management Limited in England.


  • Mast Height: 25.98 m2

  • Sail Area Upwind: 228 m2

  • Sail Area Downwind: 441 m2

  • Overall length: 67 foot 20.42m)

  • Beam: 5.26m

  • Draught: 2.82m

  • Displacement: 38 tons

  • Hull: 50B mild steel

  • Deck : 316 Stainless steel

  • Keel weight: 12 Tons

  • Electronic equipments: Raymarine

  • Life rafts and equipment: Viking

  • Engine: Perkins 130HP

  • Energy sources: Sun, wind, water (hydro generation) and biofuel

  • Berths: 10-12 persons

  • Galley: 12 persons

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